Powering the World’s First Interactive, Electronic, Negotiated Trading Platforms

Squawker® is the power behind the world’s only interactive, electronic negotiated trading platforms and facilitator of peer-to- peer, anonymous trading communities. Squawker provides high-touch, negotiation platforms for investment banks, agency brokers, inter-dealer brokers and proprietary trading firms to find liquidity, negotiate and execute trades that are difficult to execute on the order books or in dark pools.

Just over one year since the launch of its Cash Equities negotiation platform, Squawker® has become the central forum for pan-European, sell-side trading and the cash equity world’s first electronic trading community that is free from algo- and HFT-flow. Today, the negotiation platform brings together more than 100 sell-side firms, across 13 European countries, to find, negotiate and execute difficult blocks on an anonymous basis. 

Squawker uses opaque social networking technology to combine personal interaction with end-to-end FIX workflows, compliance monitoring and audit trails. Neither a traditional trading exchange, nor dark pool, nor an MTF, Squawker is an inter-dealer trading platform that marries the best of the electronic and trader-to-trader environment to match trading counterparts based on price, display, quantity and then time priority. Following an accepted invite to trade a minimum size, users enter into a person-to-person negotiation with the counterpart Squawker has introduced them to, to build the block quantity.